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Rick Frystak Mastering

I do digital or analog audio transferring and mastering at In Tone Studio. Rates are extremely

down home and easy. The gear available provides the sound you're looking for, with the personal touch from Rick! I've enjoyed

working with sound for over 57 years, and delight in new projects here in L.A. 1927 Spanish style architechture on the MIracle Mile.


Fine gear in-house:

•Trident Console from the U.K.

•Genelec, B&W, Auratone and 1970's JBL Studio Monitors

•Virtual TDM audio processsing including Pultec, Universal Audio, TC Electronics + tons more

•Analog audio processing including Valley People, Urei, Lexicon, Audio Design Recording, Eventinde, Ortofon+more

•Vintage and modern synthesizers, vintage student Fender Rhodes, guitars, drums and a Yamaha baby grand piano


Fine contemporary or vintage sound with immediate availability.

We specialize in transfers onto archival-quality CD or hard disc from LP, reel-to-reel, cassette, DAT, VHS, Super-VHS, Betamax, DA88 and other formats.

Clients inlude:

Pepe Del Rivero, Riqui Dorsey

Peter Brotzmann

Rick Potts

Secret Society of The Sonic Six

David Blade

213 Cumbia, Ray Ricky Rivera

Who Invented the Mirror

Freshly Watered Sidewalks

Lori Eschler

Kim Free

Richard Ford

'ARGO' Film (2012) : Led Zeppelin Remaster

John Dahl

and many others.

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