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rick frystak 1972Rick Frystak

Native Californian Rick Frystak grew up in the garage band culture of the surf-beat-meets-psych oriented beach areas of Los Angeles.The sights and sounds of the 60's and 70's California culture form the roots of Rick's interests in music and visual arts. Rick majored in Graphic Design, and has a photography background as well as a deep musical one.

Rick is a self-taught musician, primarily a guitarist, doubling on drums and keyboards. He taught himself guitar and piano by listening to blues and rock singles and and LPs. He has played with various ensembles in and around Los Angeles
for over 45 years, involving himself in the most wide variety of musics possible, including The Mustangs, Southbound RoadJohn Williamson, Moonfleet, David Balakrishnan, Hosea, Iggy Pop, Ray Manzerek, Charlie LaMont, SAWS, Rick Potts, David Slusser, Bruce FowlerMike Schurig, and Dale and Kent Strumpell among many others.

Moonfleet was a popular 1970's Los Angeles progressive rock quintet, fusing grand keyboards, searing guitar and violin, and lyrical introspection. Playing guitar with Moonfleet, Rick performed at many venues such as the Troubadour, Whiskey a' Go Go, Long Beach Auditorium, Fox Venice Theater, Venice Pier and Beach concerts, Griffith Park Merry-go-Round concerts, The Brookdale Lodge, The Cataylst and many others.

The Avitron Ensemble, which was the opportunity to incorporate aircraft parts and manufacturing machinery into improvisational pieces with electronics and percussion later became the InTone group in the 80’s fusing all these sounds with group instrumental improvisation and composition with video composition.

The In Tone ensemble realized notable multimedia performances featuring 8 channel video projection with computer music with live musical accompanyment at LACE and EZTV in Los Angeles in the early 1990s. A chance meeting brought a CD collaboration with shakuhachi player and Vedic astrologer Ron Burger, and Rick’s solo record Voci on his own InTone Music label. Since then, his writing and playing has centered around harmonic composition, group electro-acoustic improv and computer music, never abandoning the philosophy that "...all sounds are music". Also, being a young drummer and then a guitarist has given Rick all manner of tonal-versus-rhythmic senses to draw on within every musical context that he finds himself immersed in. 

In 2010 Rick released his newest guitars-and-electronics-based project enititled Blue Light Vista, garnering many wonderful reviews and airplay on FM and the web, with a series of photographs supporting the music.

Rick has been active in the film industry, with composing, music production and enegineering for film and video, and music consulting and supervision (IMDB), as well as licensing his own music to feature films. He maintains a multitrack recording studio and an audio-mastering facility at the studio in the Miracle MIles area of Los Angeles. Here he records all of his music for CD release, and does independent vinyl transfers and audio mastering for projects such as Peter Brotzmann, SAWS, Rick Potts, Secret Society of the Sonic Six, Freshly Watered Sidewalks, 213 Cumbia, and the film "Argo" (2012)

Rick has worked in the record business for almost 40 years, and he helped open Amoeba Music in Hollywood, California, and is currently the music, vintage collectibles and paper goods wizard there. He is also a curator of the downloadable vinyl-to-digital collection of the "Vinyl Vaults" section on Amoeba

Rick can be heard broadcasting on KPFK-FM and streaming on every second-Saturday of the month from 6am-8am hosting the "Roots Music & Beyond" show, as well as an adjunct "Global Village" host.




•Alone In The T-Shirt Zone(1980)-Music ScoreComposer


INTONE ENSEMBLE Mutimedia/video-music installations

• EZTV, West Hollywood CA, Pacific Resonance, Los Angeles Open Festival 1990

• EZTV, West Hollywood CA, Evening of Multimedia Art, L.A. Freewaves Festival of Independent Video 1991



• Andrade Art Works, Pasadena CA, Hestia House Benefit Oct 1994

• Blades, West Hollywood CA, Trash Show 2009

• Oakdale Gallery, Oakdale CA, Group Show

• Emerville CA, Factory Show, March 2009

• Blades, West Hollywood, Group Show 2010

• Strange Gallery, Los Angeles,CA, The Love Show Feb 2010

• Aperture Gallery/Web,New York, NY, What Matters Now? Sept 2011

• Amoeba Music,"History From Turntables", Hollywood CA, Front Window Installation April 2013-present



New Postcard Graphics-Sales & Media, P.I.E. Books Japan, 2000



•Platterpuss Records-1975-1977

•Music Galaxy (Platterpuss Records), 1977-1978

•Rasputin Records, 1978-1983

•Rick Frystak Independent Music & Video Distribution,1983-2000

•Amoeba Music, 2000-current


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